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Last Update 9/16/2003

Look forward to regular updates to the website.

We are currently looking for people who would like to contribute to the site, with game pictures and things of interest to the team.
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If you have been watching the news you already know,
What I've been trying to tell them is, We're here ALREADY.
Hurricane Dominic Legrande blew through the Bronx and returned a kickoff for a 80 yard TD.
Hurricanes Tyshawn Moore and Steven Brown scored 2 touchdowns in their respective divisions. Meanwhile Hurricane George Johnson took the lights out in WhitePlains when he scored his 2nd TD. Over in PeeWeeVille
Hurricanes Sean Cunnigham, Michael Andino and Hurricane Quadir Johnson Blew the Roofs off of the opposition. There was nothing left but donuts for the other team.
Hurricanes Korrie Duzant, Jonathan Castillo, Nicholas Blake and Hurricane Shaahyn Alston Also put points on the board.